Our Product

Peripatos is revolutionary education platform for learners and educators as well. Listen to our geo-targeted study materials while visiting sights in the city or in the nature or create your own content using the editor available on our webpage! We offer our free products as tools of edutainment for schools, universities and other academic institutions.

For learners
We have a wide variety of educational materials for You made by us and our content creators. Are you interested in art, history or economics? You name the topic, we have it! All you need is downloading our smartphone application and you can access our thematic tours. Master knowledge while you discover new cities and natural sights!

For educators
Are you a teacher and you would like to create educational materials? Our platform is just for you! You can create thematic tours for any location in the world using our tour editor. We offer you an easy-to-handle interface so you can add your content and bind it to the specific paths at the locations. You can upload text and audio files as well and create quizes for your students.

How does it work?
Select a tour from our library using the Paripatos application. The app determines your location using the GPS built in your device and provides you content according to your position. Text, audio and image materials are available at the moment. The integrated text-to-speech software reads you the text study materials as you walk along the path of the tour.

Please send your request or concept to us: office@peripatos-app.com