Peripatos and HorizonGuide presentation on the 9th Urban Space and Social Life Conference

The 9th Urban Space and Social Life Conference was held in Budapest where the project coordinator of the “Visegrad on the Horizon” project, István Kollai  had the opportunity to introduce the initiative of “learning on train” and “learning by walking”. The conference was a golden opportunity to present the already implemented contents of the project (e.g. the Budapest-Warsaw train route) , and its product (Peripatos and HorizonGuide applications) for scientists and experts from all over the world, who are interested in utilization of urban and outdoor spaces for educational purposes.

You can find more about the conference on the website of the organizers or on the Facebook.

Professor Ho Hon Leung, the iniciator of the conference with István Kollai, presenter of the project “Visegrad on the Horizon”








The conference was attended by Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, deputy mayor of Budapest as well.






Peripatos and HorizonGuide presentation on the Hermes conference

Hermes is a network of 24 universities from all over the world, who are willing to maintain student exchange programmes among themselves. As a circle of institutions with special educational and mobility interest, it seemed to be an ideal platform to present the products of “Visegrad on the Horizon”. On the conference, the project coordinator got 15 minutes to present the main principles of how Peripatos and HorizonGuide are functioning. As a consequence, more than 10 higher educational institutions expressed theoretical interest in developing their own travelling materials. After the conference, there was room for in-person meetings with University of Economics Bratislava and Jagellonian University.

Annual Hermes Conference in Budapest was opened by the dean of Corvinus University of Budapest, Mr. László Csicsmann.