Peripatos @ Corvinus University of Budapest

Peripatos originated from the Corvinus University of Budapest. István Kollai, assistant teacher at Institute of World Economy was looking for a way to combine outdoor seminars with modern technology. The idea of the Peripatos applicant was born from this experimentation. This new way of learning was welcomed by the students involved. The application has been used in several seminars and field trips. Both Hungarian and foreign students gave us positive feedback about this new methodology.

Recently István Kollai lead a group of foreign students to a field trip to Esztergom. It consisted two outdoor seminars that were guided by the Peripatos application. The main topics were urbanization and crossborder economic cooperation. The students learned about the former during their train ride. They listened to audio materials about the latter while walking in the city of Esztergom. The participants enjoyed the field trip and gave us conducive feedback. We have found that using the application is a great way to overcome cultural differences and language gaps.

You can read more about the field trip in Hungarian at this page:


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