Get to Warsaw with Peripatos

Railway and long-distance bus networks consist an integral part of traveling in modern times. Yet, trains and buses can easily lag behind cars and airplanes when it comes to planning our long-distance journey.

Among other things, it is caused by the fact that today’s people need comfortable and predictable travel. Peripatos intends to bolster these dimensions of buses and trains: our application can let the travelers know where to travel, what to see and what to prepare to when they arrive.

Peripatos can be applied to several types of long-distance public transport vehicles:

  • long-distance buses which always follow the same route;
  • low-speed local trains;
  • high-speed trains.

In the pipeline

  • 1st December 2016: HorizonGuide, the predecessor of Peripatos is available in app stores, with the Danube Bend Train Tour
  • 2018 Q2: Budapest-Warsaw train route on

The project is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund.

We are eager to widen our partnership network and launch as many guide development as possible in the following year.